Annnnnnd… Meh!

Remember last year when I said “HEY! I’m gonna blog again! About everything!” and then I didn’t?  Not for lack of love, just… well, equal parts lack of TIME, and lack of fit. Sitting and thinking it over, I realized that since this blog was a thing that had a focus and a purpose, and trying to force it to be something else just wasn’t going to work. Yep, it is my blog, and sure, I can do whatever I want with it, but it still didn’t feel right. Didn’t seem natural.

So what to do?

Why, make a new one, of course. Something that hasn’t been anything before.  So that’s what I’ve done. And that’s where I’ll be from here on out.  So go check it out of you take a notion. You’ll find it at HOTDAMN.US

This site will remain up for… however long it stays (at least February 2015), but it will not be updated, and comments will be turned off. It’s sad, I think, but that’s the best option I can come up with so that relevant content is still accessible.

Thank you to all who have ever visited this website before, found it helpful, useful, interesting or simply a way to effectively waste time.


Love and butts,


Hello Again!

Heyo sports fans! Guess who has finally come across some time to sit down and post? After a wild urge to dust off my blog, update the look a bit and get it ready to rock with more-frequent but still non-frequent posting, I wondered what direction I should take the ol’ ship in. Being a beauty blog has been fun, and playing with makeups and hair potions and body products is always going to be one of my interests. But I’m interested in a great deal of other things, too. While it is nice to have specific sites dedicated to specific topics… I don’t think it’s fair to myself, or this space, to limit my blogging to just prettymaking and smellgoods.

Let’s open things up a bit, shall we?

This space is now going to be dedicated to… anything. Anything that captures my attention, from a wicked recipe, current events, animal cuteness, vaping fun and yes, makeup related topics.  I still love (love love) doing product reviews, so you can expect to see those… just expect a variety of different product types.  Maybe even frozen pizza.

So what else is going on in life?  I’m one paper and one exam score away from finishing my Master’s program, trying to get my Big Scary Adult Life together in a hurry because apparently the government expects me to pay them back for those student loans. Who knew, right?  I have two wee hamstercutes which I love and adore. I’ve recently fallen in love with shopping at Goodwill (three dolla trousers, hooah!). I quit smoking in August 2013, switching full time to vaping.  That’s about all that’s new, really.

I’d conclude this posting with a prompt for comments, but meh!  Meh!!

Evil Shades: Buyer Beware Part 3

Hola sports fans. It’s been a while since I’ve updated, I know – grad school has been more demanding than I ever anticipated, so the only time I have off is the time when I am asleep. While I sorely miss testing, writing and reviewing, my schedule will not be changing any time soon. But I did want to shoot out one quick update, for those who have been following the antics of Evil Shades and their cosmetic horrors. One of Andrea’s biggest supporters has set us up the bomb:


Interesting. Very interesting.

I definitely agree, if you have an order, seek a refund, now. Even if you’re one of the unlucky folk who have waited six months with no product or refund, talk to your bank to have the charges reversed. But I’d go one step further and say that if you’re thinking of making an order from Evil Shades, don’t. Just plain don’t. Waiting for things to get better is pointless – this is not an isolated event, but an enduring pattern. Simply put, Evil Shades is a scam.

Holly Jolly Holiday Tag!

The lovely Ms Eight of Beauty Infinitum tagged me for a wee little holiday survey. Thanks, lady! If you haven’t done this tag already, consider yourself tagged RIGHT MEOW. Tell me where you’ve posted it and I’ll link you back!

1. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until last minute?
I generally start at the end of October/beginning of November. At the very least, I have a very solid battle plan.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?
Alien Sex Party. No, really. It’s a Christmas movie.

3. Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Generally, Christmas day. For the past few years, and this year included, I’ll be working on Christmas Eve, so it’s really no big thing. However, there is a sort of excitement once the sun goes down. You know it’s coming. You go to bed, snuggle up with your sweetie (or, lacking a sweetie, snuggle up under piles and piles of warm blankets all to yourself, which is pretty freakin’ sweet, too), knowing that when you wake up, it’ll be time to have the warmth and snuggles and happiness of the big day itself. The food, the family, the happiness, the gift exchange (and for my family, the post-gifting sausage and cheese snackeon), is just the tops. So yes, I love the excitement of anticipation which comes with Christmas Eve night, but Christmas Day takes first place.

4. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?
Classically, my family always put up the Christmas tree on the first of December, because that’s my brother’s birthday. But that kind of started not happening once us kids grew up and everybody got busy with life, so that tree now goes up whenever Mom and Dad have time to do it (or whenever my brother visits and decides to do it). Our tree here goes up whenever we have the time or energy.

5. White lights or colored lights?
Our tree is pre-lit with white lights. I also like blue lights. No thanks to the mixed colors, though.

6. Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like surprise?
I haven’t been a peeker for years and years and years. I definitely like to be surprised!

7. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or Santa’s Workshop?
Santa’s workshop. Gingerbread houses wig me out. All dry and stale and blah.

8. Tell us your Christmas Eve traditions!
My family doesn’t really have Christmas Eve traditions. We would open gifts on Christmas Eve, but that was more out of practicality than tradition, and all that has changed over time. As far as Kev’s family goes, we’ve made it a thing to get together on Skype (new tradition) and get buzzed on white Russians (old tradition) while opening gifts we’ve mailed out to each other. It’s a lot of fun.

9. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone, who would it be?
Kev of course. I’m boring like that, sorry!

10. What tops your tree?
We have a simple angel we got at Garden Ridge, which is lovingly referred to as the “tree chicken”. Each year she’ll be holding something different in her hands. This year she’s holding the Horde emblem… *sigh*

Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Nail Kit

Seeing as the world didn’t end yesterday, Christmas is still coming, and we’re likely to still be exchanging gifts. If you’re in a pinch and are still looking for little somethings for your friends and family, here are some items I think are pretty darned brilliant.

Hot Chocolate!

When I was a kid, my favourite thing about winter was coming in from the snow and cozying up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. It’s just a holiday essential (especially now that I’m old enough to add a shot of Bailey’s!). Now, you can gift this in two ways. First, you can pick up a nice mug on the cheap from Big Lots, and pop a few packets of hot chocolate mix inside, and seal it off with heat-shrink plastic and a ribbon. This gift is extremely inexpensive, easily personalized, and perfectly unisex.

A second option which is just as inexpensive is the Too Faced Hot Cocoa Collection. This stocking-stuffer-sized deluxe-sample duo comes with an eyeshadow-sized Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer (made with real cocoa, which lends to its positively divine fragrance), and a mini tube of the Primed & Poreless SPF 20 Bronze Tint Skin Smoothing Face Primer. This duo is perfect for anyone who has been interested in trying Chocolate Soleil but is not keen on committing to a full-size, but it would also be a spiffy idea for anyone who already loves it (because who wouldn’t appreciate a convenient purse size?). At just $10 from Sephora, this set is an absolute steal, and a great gift for all ages!

The Gift of Indie

If you think you’re too late to gift indie beauty this Christmas, you’re wrong. Though you aren’t going to be able to order any actual product and expect it to arrive in time, there are many independent artisans and sellers that offer gift certificates through their online shopfronts. Some of my favourite shops that offer extremely quick customer service response are Shiro Cosmetics (allow up to 24 hours for code generation), and Madd Style Cosmetics (allow up to 48 hours for code generation). Other shops do offer Gift Certificate options, but may take longer to generate codes – although you may have luck in expiditing the process if you contact the shop owner directly (please be on your best behaviour if you do this, though! Shop owners are just people who are trying to enjoy the holidays, too!). Once the code is generated, just write it down in a seasonal greeting card, get creative and add some personalized decorations, and you have an instant, stress-free.

If you’re too late get a Gift Certificate, there’s still a way to gift indie this Christmas! You could just as easily go ahead and place an order to arrive after Christmas, print out a copy of the invoice, and put that in a greeting card instead, with a personal, heartfelt letter about how awesome your giftee is (because let’s face it, you did drop the ball just a bit, and you do need to do a bit of kissing-up to make up for it). If you’re particularly Photoshop savvy, you could skip the invoice, and make a holiday collage with all of the items you’ve ordered. Just be sure to include a note about Turnaround Time (TAT) and shipping time, so your giftee can know whenabouts to expect the item to be delivered.

Easy Nail Kits

If you’re keen with the shrink wrap, here’s another great gifting idea. Line the bottom of a cute gift box with tissue paper, and grab your shrink paper and some fancy ribbon. Then just hit your corner drugstore, and grab an assortment of nail goodies! Nail files, orange sticks, and a rich hand cream will fill out the hand care and maintenance needs. Grab a base and quick-dry top coat, and a bottle or two of nailcolor, and a bottle or two of glittery polish. Then top it off with some fun stuff like nail art stickers or no-dry manicure strips. Depending on your brands, this sort of gift basket can range from insanely inexpensive to fairly extravagant. If you need to keep your budget tight, Wet n Wild polishes are extremely high quality for the price (even the 99c polishes are great!), and your most basic nail art stickers will round out the basket for not a lot of cash. But if you want to splurge, most drugstores will carry your mid-range brands such as Orly and Essie.

Manly Gifts

While I hate to make broadsweeping generalizations about anything, I’ve noticed that when it comes to individuals of the male variety, they will appreciate just about anything you get them. In the health and beauty arena, they’ll use whatever is cheap, quick, convenient, or provided for them. So if you’re buying beauty for a male, don’t stress: They probably won’t care whether it’s a specialty brand or Suave, as long as it works, and it doesn’t smell particularly horrible.

For gifting on the cheap, do not underestimate the power of Old Spice. Though it is getting harder and harder to find good gift sets in the classic scent (all I’ve seen this year is “Fiji” – what is that I don’t even), you can still pick up individual pieces. And it’s a classic for a reason: it smells frickin’ fantastic, and it works well on most bodies. If you can’t find the classic variety, Fresh is a good second bet that works well the on the skin.

Bath & Body Works is also a good buy for dudes, especially since they brought body lotion into their mens line. Guys need to moisturize in the winter just as much as any of us women do, but for whatever reason, they’re just not as likely to buy a simple bottle of lotion. But if you do, it will get used. Oh yes, it will. So if you’re out buying Bath & Body Works for your work buddies, go ahead and pick up some for the dudes in your life. A shower gel and lotion makes for a fine gift. Don’t fuss over the sprays – while fragrance is important, it isn’t as important as function, and fragrance for its own sake has no real function.

De-Icer In A Can

Why the hell am I putting this on a beauty blog? BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST THING ON EARTH AND EVERYBODY NEEDS IT. Honest to God, just buy a can of De-Icer and put a ribbon on it. If they don’t appreciate it immediately, they will at some point in the winter. Especially if their back defroster is broken (*sigh*).

If you have any last minute gift ideas to add, feel free to post them in the comments!