Hello Again!

Heyo sports fans! Guess who has finally come across some time to sit down and post? After a wild urge to dust off my blog, update the look a bit and get it ready to rock with more-frequent but still non-frequent posting, I wondered what direction I should take the ol’ ship in. Being a beauty blog has been fun, and playing with makeups and hair potions and body products is always going to be one of my interests. But I’m interested in a great deal of other things, too. While it is nice to have specific sites dedicated to specific topics… I don’t think it’s fair to myself, or this space, to limit my blogging to just prettymaking and smellgoods.

Let’s open things up a bit, shall we?

This space is now going to be dedicated to… anything. Anything that captures my attention, from a wicked recipe, current events, animal cuteness, vaping fun and yes, makeup related topics.  I still love (love love) doing product reviews, so you can expect to see those… just expect a variety of different product types.  Maybe even frozen pizza.

So what else is going on in life?  I’m one paper and one exam score away from finishing my Master’s program, trying to get my Big Scary Adult Life together in a hurry because apparently the government expects me to pay them back for those student loans. Who knew, right?  I have two wee hamstercutes which I love and adore. I’ve recently fallen in love with shopping at Goodwill (three dolla trousers, hooah!). I quit smoking in August 2013, switching full time to vaping.  That’s about all that’s new, really.

I’d conclude this posting with a prompt for comments, but meh!  Meh!!

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    Glad you’re back! hahahaha Leonard
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    Nice to see you back!
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